Other Quality Services

All services we offer are top-notch!


We are also experts at transcribing any type of audios or videos. Have your transcription needs provided by us and receive superior results from starting at $0.10/mins.

Voice Over

Need someone to do voice over in your videos? Don’t worry as we have a pool of talented individuals who will work on them from $128.

Closed Captioning/Subtitling

What better way to communicate your message clearly than putting skillfully done subtitles in your videos? Get quality captions and subtitles accurately, irrespective of the language.


Let us do the tedious work for you and you’ll find that a huge burden will be lifted off your shoulders. Our budget-friendly pricing are just $3.75 per unformatted page, or $4.50 with formatting. For audio typing, starting at $0.10/minute.

Video Services

Video Animation

Be amazed at what our talented team can do video animation from $60.

Video Spokesperson

Have a talented spokesperson deliver professional results from $60.

Video Editing

Have your videos professionally edited by us from $60.

Video Production

Only the best will work to produce outstanding videos.

Translation Texas are a company who puts quality in the forefront. We value what our clients say and we do exactly what they ask of us and nothing short of that.
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