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We Abide By The Rules

Refund Policy

1. Our refund policy applies only within 15 days after delivery of the output.

2. After 15 days have passed, returns with quality issues will be subjected to a 30% charge for proofreading and 50% for rework (the fees are in relation to the total cost of the order calculated with file length or page count).

3. Our refund policy applies only for audio, video, or document files with quality that fall under categories A (Excellent) and B (Good).

4. Our refund policy will only be invoked if deemed appropriate after proofreading the returned order.

5. The request for refund will be processed after the proofreading evaluates the quality to be under our usual standard.

6. Our refund policy does not apply to difficult audios, handwritten documents, and rush orders.

7. The guarantee does not apply to difficult audios, documents, and rush orders. These are not eligible for rework.

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